Fevik Missionchurch wants to be a church for everyone!

Welcome, whether you´re full of faith or doubts, if life is good or if it hurts. 
We want to be a fellowship who seeks to know Jesus and be followers of Him in our world. 

We have church-services every sunday at 11 o´clock. The children have their own program, called «Skattekista» (the Treassurebox) 
This is for children age 3 and up. 

The church also runs an exciting and attractive youth-ministry.
Fridays in even weeks, kids from grade 5 till 7, are welcome to Connect, from 18.00-20.00.
Games, social fun and a short devotional.
Every Friday at 20.00, youths from 8th grade and up are welcome to an evening with worship, devotional, fun and games and a snackbar after the meeting! 

Every wednesday our church has its prayermeeting at 19.00. 
Everyone is welcome. 



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Fevik Misjonskirke
Sømsveien 167
4870 Fevik

Org.nr. 984 878 915

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